Wavy Star Shuffle – 4 Face 4 – Don Veino 20170120

Type: 4 Facing 4
Status: Public, Proven

First called at the Monday Contras dance at the Concord Scout House on 2/13/2017 to positive comments. There were plenty of smiles on dancer faces through the dance… 🙂

That’s great, because I personally typically don’t like (what I think of as) “stub toe star” (dubbed “wavy” here or often also called “gypsy” star) dances! But I had this idea of building the star in one go (in other dances they often seem to be built in two layers – with one role and then the other joining) and it appears one go works fine, which allows a nice recovery space via the preceding Long Lines start.

See also my dance Wavy Star Slice which I derived from this one.

Fwd to Wavy Star*, Balance

Star CW 3/4x (groups/4 – Gents fwd, Ladies back up 3 places)
N Swing

L Chain (to P)
Circle/8 Left 1/2x (2 couple places)

Corner Allemande Left 1x
P Swing

*a.k.a. “Gypsy Star” – Take hands in wave with same role N, Gents below Ladies, to form an interleaved wave facing opposite role N. Let go of outside hands (the one touching adjacent hands/4 folks) and retake hands with opposite role N before rotating the star.

Alternative B2s:
(Gents turn back to)
P Balance & Swing
(alternative music fit: Gypsy Right and Swing P)

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3 Responses to Wavy Star Shuffle – 4 Face 4 – Don Veino 20170120

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  2. Rich Sbardella says:

    This was a fun little mescolanza. Although I was skeptical with the Wavy Star during the walk thru, it did indeed dance well.

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