Wavy Star Slice – Becket – Don Veino 20170120

Type: Contra Dance, Becket Left/CW Formation
Status: Proven, Public

Respin on the theme from my dance Wavy Star Shuffle to move from a 4 Face 4 to Becket formation contra.

First called at the Monday Contras series at the Concord Scout House on 3/27/2017. I tried both the original version below and having a Circle Left in the B1 to a Gypsy & Swing B2 and dancers preferred Circle Right to the Balance & Swing.

Slice left (Fwd on left diagonal, fall straight back)
Fwd to Wavy Star*, Balance

Star CW 3/4x (Gents forward, Ladies back up 3 places)
N Swing

L Chain to P
Circle RIGHT 1x

P Balance & Swing

*AKA “Gypsy Star” – Take hands in wave with same role N, Gents below Ladies, for an interleaved wave facing opposite role N. Let go of outside hands (the one touching adjacent hands/4 folks) and retake hands with opposite role N before rotating the star.

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