Another 30 Years – DI – Don Veino 20161203

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Improper
Status: Public, Proven

I asked several of our excellent local (for most of you they’re touring) musicians if there were any tunes that they’d love to play for a contra dance – but which they couldn’t, for some reason due to unusual phrasing, etc. – such that I might write a dance to match. Max Newman came back with the tune 30-års jiggen 30 Year Jig by the Swedish trio Väsen. This is a 40-bar tune with unique B-parts phrasing.

I wrote another dance that fit well but was pretty fiddly so I decided to put that one away and try again anew and this was the result. The A1 is probably strongly influenced by my experience with Lisa Greenleaf’s Further and More and Bob Isaacs’ United We Dance – sharing their A1 moves.

We gave it a successful go at the Monday Contras series at the Concord Scout House on 12/19/2016. Request that the musicians keep from going totally artsy on the tune or dancers will wander a bit in the Bs (keep strong 8 beat phrase hinting – not too softly played).

Starts in long waves at the sides, Gents facing out

(4,4) Rory-style wave balance Right & Left, slide/twirl Right
(4,4) Rory-style wave balance Left & Right, slide/twirl Left

(4,12) Neighbor Balance & Swing

(8) Long Lines Forward & Back
(6,10) Circle Left 3/4x, Partner Swing

(8) Ladies Chain
(16) Full Hey, Ladies Pass Right to start
[ends in waves at side, prior N by LH, new N by RH]

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