Gary’s Reel Too – DI – Don Veino 20161113

Type: Contra, Duple Improper
Status: DRAFT

Role reversed re-imagining of my dance Ruth’s (For) Reel; Gary is Ruth’s husband. In contrast to the common case, the Gents get to do most of the running around in this one.

LLF, Gents Roll NEXT (Left Hand) Neighbor Lady Left->Right on way back
Mad Robin, Gents through center first/CW (so looking at P across)

Gents Chain (LH pull by, Right to P, Ladies Courtesy Turn Gent CW)
Mad Robin, Gents through center first/CW (so looking at N across)
(look away from P to Shadow)

Gypsy Left Shadow
Partner Swing

Gents Pull By Left (to current N)
Neighbor Swing

End effects: never really out, wait for A2 Shadow Gypsy before crossing over at ends (and face across to P). Will come in on the A1 Long Lines.

Dancers may tend to want to rush through, encourage them to take the full 8 beats where provided – have sets space out nicely to make room for graceful, sweeping Mad Robins.

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