Linda’s Gifts (of Time) – Longways Duple Proper in Waltz Time – Don Veino 20160818

Type: Longways Contra or English Dance, Duple Proper
Status: Public, Proven

Linda Leslie photo

Linda Leslie

In grateful recognition of Linda Leslie‘s investments of time in the folk dance community and in particular her consultation and mentoring given me as I hone my dance calling and composition.

(6,6) First Corners Set to each other (small steps to the Right-2-3, Left-2-3), Hole in the Wall cross (forward 3 beats/steps, pass rights as pivot 1 step, fall back 2 steps into each other’s places)
(12) Second Corners, same thing

(12) Partner Two-Hand Turn 1x
(12) Circle Left 1x

(12) Ones Half Figure 8 up and around Twos to finish below
(12) Twos do similar below, to finish above

(12) Partner Back to Back/Dosido
(6) Ring Balance with current Neighbors
(6) Cloverleaf Turn Single over outside shoulder to face new Neighbors

B2 Variation (To fit Northdown Waltz tune, December 2017)
(12) Partner Back to Back/Dosido
(12) Four Changes of Rights and Lefts to next

Working title was “Two Rivers”, written to go with the tune of the same name by Larry Unger – twice through the dance for one cycle of the tune. Turns out Linda isn’t fond of that approach as she feels the dance/music fit varies.

In consideration of Linda’s view, I had previously recommended Max Newman’s waltz Saari & Kristen off the Nor’easter CD. As of March 2018, I’ve now come full circle back to a common repertoire Larry Unger tune which I find to be a perfect fit to the original (non-variation) dance – Judy and Jim’s Wedding (YouTube).

See also: ¬°Que Linda!

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3 Responses to Linda’s Gifts (of Time) – Longways Duple Proper in Waltz Time – Don Veino 20160818

  1. Don says:

    Linda Leslie reported trying out the traditional ECD tune “Northdown Waltz” for this dance in December 2017 and having it work well.

  2. Don says:

    As of March 15 2018, I’ve updated my recommended waltz tune to Larry Unger’s Judy and Jim’s Wedding, off the Uncle Gizmo album with details posted back above.

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