Sage Thoughts – 4 Face 4 – Don Veino 20170315

Type: 4 Facing 4
Status: Proven, reviewing B1 timing

This dance’s feature sequence is all in the Bs. My wife, Sage, really liked the feel of the Butterfly Whirl in my dance Give the Gents a Whirl (where Ladies whirl the Gents) so I tried fitting that feel into this otherwise very straightforward dance. I believe the sequence feels more conventional here than in my other, such that it should be very accessible to a beginner/intermediate audience.

As of posting, I’ve called this a couple of times with a minor tweak in between to B1 (now as shown here). It has been received well, and two couples the last time reported they found a Butterfly Whirl 2x in the B1 fit perfectly to make the Promenade end right on the phrase. I need to check that out the next time it’s called (and I’d love to get a chance to dance/feel it myself).

Should you give this one a try, please comment back on how it worked and what the B1 timing actually worked out as for you.

(8) Long Lines Forward & Back
(8) Gents Allemande Left 1+1/2x

(4,12) Neighbor Balance & Swing

(~3) Ladies Allemande Right 1/2x, pick up Partner
(Lady put her arm over the Gent’s to position best for B2)
(~7) Star Promenade 1/2x, Butterfly Whirl – if time (some dancers report 2x works!)
(keep Star/Butterfly hold w/Partner, face clockwise around oval)
(~6) Partner Promenade the Oval/8 CW 1/2x

(16) Partner Swing, end facing progression

Flipped role/motion variation:

(8) Long Lines Forward & Back
(8) Ladies Allemande Right 1+1/2x

(8,8) Neighbor Gypsy & Swing

(~3) Gents Allemande Left 1/2x, pick up Partner
(~7) Star Promenade 1/2x, Butterfly Whirl – if time
(keep Star/Butterfly hold w/Partner, face counter clockwise around oval)
(~6) Partner Promenade the Oval/8 CCW 1/2x

(4,12) Partner Balance & Swing, end facing progression

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