(Like) Juggling Chainsaws – DI – Don Veino 20170406

Type: Contra, Duple Improper
Status: DRAFT

For this dance the Chain to See Saw[1] progression idea (the “experimental” part) came first. Then the title[2], which implied there must be more than a single Chain/Saw, which drove the rest of the composition. To minimize dizziness risk, one can omit twirling in their See Saw, if desired.

This is most likely an Intermediate to Advanced level dance, given the lack of easy recovery points (like Long Lines) while containing quite a bit of disconnected motion.

UPDATE 20171005:

Since my original posting of this dance, I’d put it aside wanting to come back and refine it (I do this when I’m too engrossed in a particular sequence as a way to reset my brain and find “grace” or “simplicity” in the sequence later). Shortly thereafter a solution offered itself – which I’ve only just now transcribed from my notebook. The post has been updated to show my revised solution – I’ve left the original “experimental” draft at the end of this post so one may see the evolution (if interested).

Neighbor Balance & Swing

(8) Gents LH Chain (to P)
(8) Gents See Saw 1+1/2x (or See Saw 1x and pass Lefts across)
Ladies Orbit CW 1/2x (Pass RT shoulder w/next Lady)

Partner Balance & Swing

Ladies RH Chain, ending Courtesy Turn facing N (up/down, reverse of progression), keep left hands w/N
(pull into) See Saw 1x with THIS Neighbor, end facing NEXT Neighbor

End effects: Wait out crossed over for N to come to you out of B2 See Saw.


[1] See Saw = Left Shoulder/CCW orbiting Dosido

[2] Original title ideas included “Concord Chainsaw Massacre” which I thought was pretty catchy/fun for horror movie fans (playing off the Texas named classic) but potentially off-putting to others. The new title still fits in the Chain & See-Saw play on words while hopefully being less discomforting. 🙂

See Also: There’s a series of dances featuring this Chain/See-saw concept and the Roll Away to Partner Shoulder Pass used in my Strolling & Rolling and Lobster Roll dances, which should be posted shortly.


If the timing turns out as I expect, the Orbit and Gent’s chain to Courtesy Turn transition should be a wonderful pairing of clockwork action and delicious momentum. Or an utter disaster. 🙂

Neighbor Balance & Swing

(8) Gents See Saw[1] 1x WHILE Ladies Orbit CW 1/2x (Pass RT shoulder w/next Lady)
(8) Gents LH Chain (to N)

Gents Cross, Passing Lefts
Partner Swing

Ladies RH Chain with partial CT to end facing CCW around oval, Ladies go forward along the side while Gents turn over their LT Shoulder
See Saw Next Neighbor

End effects: Wait out crossed over, ready to come in for the B2 See Saw.


Of course, there are prior dances using a Ladies Chain to progress and Dosido as a linking move, either as the last of B2 or first of A1. I’ve not yet encountered a Chain to See Saw combination as used here – there may be good reason for that.

Should the original B2 above not work out well when danced, there’s a similar alternative which should:
Ladies Pull by Right, Neighbor Allemande Left 1/2
(to face progression – Ladies CCW, Gents CW around oval)
Walk Forward and Dosido next Neighbor

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