The Love Pirate – Becket Right/CCW – Don Veino 20170331

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Becket Counter-Clockwise
Status: Public, Proven

This is a spin-off of my dance Ladies, Whirled.

The ends must participate in the big oval promenade and interleave between the two neighbor-partner dyads coming out of the endmost star to enable the progression (not jump ahead of or wait behind). Timing is leisurely/smooth in the A1 – encourage dancers to relax into and enjoy the refined pace. A minor key marchy tune is a great fit with the dance.

Will Mentor called Ladies, Whirled at the Rehoboth, MA Challenging Dance on 3/31/2017, where I got a chance to dance it. Discoveries there led to a B1 tweak as shown below to adjust & make things that much simpler. Had to find another suitable name – given the “Whirl” was no longer part of this dance. 🙂

(8) Hole in the Wall*
(8) Left Hand Star 1x**
(Gent is looking at N Lady’s back across set, they keep walking forward and to the left to…)

(6,2) Neighbor Promenade CCW around the set, Ladies Turn Back (over right shoulder) as Gents continue forward to
(8) Next Neighbor Swing

(8) Promenade back to across from Partner
(8) Ladies Allemande Right 1+1/2

(4,12) Partner Balance (or Gypsy) & Swing

*Hole in the Wall: Borrowed from an English Country Dance move, you walk forward 3 steps to face N across, Gypsy Right 1/2x to swap places with the Neighbor and back out 3 steps. It’s very similar to a hands-free Long Lines Forward & Back (with the same cadence) – except you change places/facing direction with your Neighbor in the middle. For contra dancers, I call this with something like “Forward, Neighbor Swap, Fall Back” – I avoid using Hole in the Wall to limit the terms in play.

**Will teaches this as a Star 1+1/4 so the first couple of steps of the A2 Promenade automatically happen and the Neighbors are on the side facing their CCW oval direction

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