The Mighty Mommy Mole – Proper Triplet – Don Veino 20160327

Type: Proper Triplet
Status: Proven

This is my first Triplet dance. I was inspired to come up with this after seeing Bob Isaacs’ dance Cinnamon Cruller on the SharedWeight Caller’s List. I love the transition from the star into the big circle in the traditional dance British Sorrow and strove for a similar feel in the B2 of this dance. This dance is unusual in having the Twos be the active couple.

(16) 2s Full Figure 8, starting below through the 3s
[2s down center around opposite role 3s below, then up center around same role 1s (back to place)]

(16) 2s turn Contra Corners (w/opposite role Corners)

(4,12) 2s Balance & Swing in center/middle, end facing up (1s face down)
[1s & 2s Form Ring, 3s Take Hands with Partner]

(4,4) All Balance, Two-Hand Turn Left 1/2 or Circle Left 1/2 (becoming improper)
[1s below 2s, all open out to…]
(8) All Circle/6 Left 1/2 (all back to proper
[ending 3-1-2]

First called by me at Berlin, MA Contra dance 20160402

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