Bang a U-Ey! [V2] – DI – Don Veino 20140321

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Improper
Status: Proven but revised 20170528

I wanted to create an improper dance which provided the opportunity for cross-set play so often available in proper contras. Originally the A1 action was for the ones and then twos (allemande and turn single), the May 2017 version 2 changed that to Gents and then Ladies (allemande and walk around N). Dancers still have an opportunity for same role cross-set allemandes, while the opposite role is doing their primary allemande in the A1 – but this requires timely execution!

When I was growing up in Eastern Massachusetts, if you were giving directions and wanted someone driving to make a U-Turn, you’d say “bang a U-Ey” – the title here refers to the several instances of U-Turn action in this dance.

Gents Allemande Right 1x and walk around the new Neighbor by the Left Shoulder to face in
Ladies Allemande Left 1x and walk around their Neighbor by the Right Shoulder to face in
[all end back in their original spots]

Star Right 3/4x (until with P on Ladies’ home side)
Gents Turn Back (over right shoulder), Partner Swing

Gents Cross to Neighbor (passing Lefts), Swing

Right Hand to Partner (across set)
Interrupted Square Through 2, 2x (Balance, Partner Pull by RH across, Neighbor LH along set, repeat)
[Gents look to next and…]

End effects: Wait out crossed over
Tune suggestions: N/A
Video: N/A
See also: Hey, Bang a U-Ey! (not yet posted)

First called by me in 2014, revised 5/28/2017 – revision not yet called.

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