Dark Side of the Moon – DI – Don Veino 20170526

Type: Contra, Duple Improper
Status: Proven

In the Contra Dancers Facebook group Emma Rushton posted to ask if anyone had or was planning to write a contra themed for the August 21, 2017 total eclipse of the sun. I originally offered my recent dance Oh, Yeah! as a possible theme fit. A couple of days later the idea for this sequence arose, which riffs off that dance but now includes a shadow figure plus orbiting in various forms for theme fit. 🙂

Could also be called as a Becket CW dance, starting at the B2.

The title is a nod to the classic Pink Floyd album containing their tune Eclipse, which ends:

and everything under the sun is in tune
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

Neighbor Gypsy & Swing [ALT: Dosido & Swing]

Long Lines Forward & Back
Gents Gypsy Left 1x in center
Ladies Orbit CW 1/2x, pass Partner by right shoulder

Gypsy Left with Shadow (back to)
Partner Swing

(6) Circle Left 3/4x
(8) Couple Dosido Current Neighbors 1x
(2) Pass Through to next

Looking across at your Partner in your original hands four, Shadow will be on your right diagonal.

End effects: Don’t cross over until after your Shadow move. If you swing your Partner out of the Shadow Gypsy, you’ll end up naturally crossed over at the ends.
Tune suggestions: Note tune choice will affect A1 move selection.
Video: First trial run.
See also: Oh, Yeah!

First called by me at the Greenfield, MA Guiding Star Grange on 8/18/2017 with music by Annika Amstutz (fiddle), Daniel Plane (cello) and Becky Hollingsworth (piano). As I was explaining the provenance of the dance to the hall, Daniel slipped in a fun snippet of Pink Floyd (from the correct album) on cello which had us cracking up!

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