Shining Sparkle – DI – Don Veino 20170609

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Improper
Status: Proven
Alternate Title: During testing this was temporarily known as “The 75% Solution” and “Stellar Redemption.”

While discussing a caller’s draft dance with colleagues, one persisted that a Star 3/4 was always “Evil, Don. Super evil.” I disagreed, asserting they do need a clear, defined end but were not necessarily evil. Having a dislike of absolutes, I worked up two response/proof of concept dances using a Star 3/4 – this one and Trip Through Athol. (Dance No Evil has now come since.)

The dance is named after one of our daughter’s stuffed “friends” (Shining Sparkle, who is a very magical unicorn) and I thought it fit well for a “not evil” Star. It can reward timely dancing with a satisfying *thwack* connection arising from the B part Star-Allemande to Wave sequence.

Neighbor Balance & Swing

Circle Left 3/4x
Partner Swing

(8) LLFB
(6) Star Right 3/4x
(2) This Neighbor Allemande Right 1/2x (to long waves, G face in)

Long Wave Balance Right & Left, Slide/Twirl Right
Long Wave Balance Left & Right, Slide/Twirl Left (to new N)

End effects: Probably less confusing if ends don’t participate in long waves and just wait for their Neighbor to come to them out of the B2.
Tune suggestions: Bouncy Jigs
See also: Trip Through Athol and Dance No Evil

First called by me at the East Sandwich, MA Grange on 6/17/2017.

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