(Riding in the) Zoomy Car – DI – Don Veino 20170717

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Improper
Status: Proven

The A parts of this composition were inspired by Lindsey Dono’s work-in-progress composition Working Title (WT), which I’d become involved in discussing. Lindsey, several others and I were challenged to date in finding a smooth two-swing resolution to Working Title’s unique/signature compound-action Figure 8 and Hole in the Wall A parts.

However, after reporting back my best attempt on that to Lindsey, my brain wouldn’t let go of the feel of the dance and I came up with the following re-imagining on WT‘s A parts theme and married it to one of the B parts solutions I’d offered up for Working Title (which worked in that context only if the “half” Figure 8s in that dance included a second cross-over for the actives – becoming a “5/8ths Figure 8”?).

The title for this one is again inspired by our daughter Raeden. My sports car has remained in the garage for the 5 years since her birth (car seats are unsafe in two-seaters). Raeden loves speed/curves/inertia and frequently talks about a future day “when I’ll get to ride in Daddy’s zoomy car.” The swooping action of this dance reminded me of her dream – which I look forward to fulfilling soon.

2s Handy Hand Gate 1s 1+1/4x (mirror move)
[Simpler alternative: Long Lines Forward & Back]
1s Half Figure 8 down through 2s (around same role and above to center of line/4 facing down, L2,L1,G1,G2)

Line/4 Down the Hall, bend line
[pssst: the bend is actually a 1s Gate 2s 1/2x – but they don’t need to know that if you did LLFB in A1]
2s Half Figure 8 up through 1s (around opposite role and below to center of line/4 facing up)
[to G1,L2,G2,L1 from dancer’s perspective (or L1,G2,L2,G1 from stage)]

Line/4 Up the Hall; Gent 1 lets go, the Twos arch* via Gent doing Left Hand High/Right Low to shoot Lady 1 through to Gent 1
Partner Swing
[*note Lady 2 continues walking forward during Left High/Right Low move to make space for Lady 1 to pass through straight across and can keep hands directly into the Swing]

Gents Allem Left 1+1/2x
Neighbor Swing (and take [handy] hand with next…)
[Alternative for Allemande: Give & Take in some form to Ladies]

End effects: Be mindful of how your action changes when crossing over at ends
Tune suggestions: Marches, strongly phrased romantic tunes
Video: Princeton, NJ
See also: Lindsey Dono’s work-in-progress Working Title

First called by me at the Princeton, NJ Country Dancers contra on 7/19/2017 with LLFB option in A1.

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