Counter Clock-Weiss – DI – Don Veino 20170729

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Improper

Eph & Raeden waltzing

Eph Weiss and our daughter Raeden doing their first waltz in 2013.

This dance was written in memoriam to Eph Weiss. Eph was an active dancer in many folk styles in the Boston, MA area up until nearly his 93rd birthday and was known for doing a CCW Swing to give his knees some relief.

Eph had the grace to be able to substitute a CCW Swing for a conventional Swing and have it work smoothly. In this dance, I rely less on the skill of dancers to accomplish that by making all the moves in the dance facilitate CCW Swings. Because of that, the dance counts on ending the CCW swings (done in reverse ballroom position or other comfortable hold) with the Gent on the right. For a conventional swing respin of this dance, see Ephervescence.

Note that this dance and Ephervescence are sufficiently similar/tune equivalent that they could be easily medleyed to provide dancers the novelty of reverse action for a short while and then switch to conventional moves.

Unbeknownst to me while Eph was still dancing with us, some dancers had nicknamed him “Counter Clock-Weiss” – it seemed the perfect title for this composition!

Neighbor LEFT Gypsy 1x
Gents Pass Right, Half Hey

Neighbor LEFT Gypsy & CCW Swing (end with Gent on RIGHT)

Give & Take to Gents, Partner CCW Swing (end with Gent on RIGHT)

Long Lines Forward & Back
Star Right 3/4x to next

End effects: Wait out crossed over.
Tune suggestions:
See also: Ephervescence

This has been dry run with some dancers on the sideline successfully, but not yet called/danced.

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