Lobster Roll – 4 Face 4 – Don Veino 20170823

Type: Contra Dance, 4 Face 4
Status: DRAFT

Lobster and lobster roll

Classic New England seaside shack delight

This sequence re-uses a concept I’d first developed for a down the hall dance Strolling & Rolling. When thinking about the commonality of facing lines/4 and a line/4 down the hall I recognized the same idea of a roll away into a hey would fit into a 4 Face 4 as well. This dance is the result – I paired very bouncy A parts to smooth Bs to give bands some sonic room.

The lobster roll is a classic New England gustatory treat – heck, even McDonald’s offers them here in season. Come visit, find a classic oceanside seafood shack and give one a try!

Rings/4 Balance, Petronella Right 1 place
Rings/4 Balance, Petronella Right 1 place

Rings/4 Balance, Gents draw Opposite Lady Back & Swing

Ladies Chain (up/down to Partner)
Long Lines Forward, Lady Roll Away Partner (and face P across the set)

Half Hey (Partner Pass Right)
Partner Swing, face progression

End effects: Remember to face progression at end of the Partner Swing!
Tune suggestions: Bouncy As, smooth Bs
See also: Strolling & Rolling, Wild Mouse

First called by me at the Jamaica Plain Gender Free dance on 9/30/17.

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1 Response to Lobster Roll – 4 Face 4 – Don Veino 20170823

  1. Don says:

    This tested successfully using the terms Larks and Ravens for the JP Gender Free dance. Learnings from that experience: dancers liked the dance; should stress in the walkthrough that the hey is with your Trail Buddy couple; the A2 ring balance and draw opposite to swing seemed to end up with the swinging couples slightly offset laterally – next time I plan to try using a give & take instead to see if that minimizes the offset. Oh, and the name seemed to be a hit!

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