The Devils A Swinger – DI – Don Veino 20171012

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Improper
Status: DRAFT

The actual title of this dance is “The Devil’s A Swinger” but WordPress currently won’t show the post if any form of apostrophe is used in the post title, so this is the second try without the punctuation. 🙁

A respin on the traditional dance Devil’s Dream to incorporate swings yet retain much of the tradtional feel. This dance was inspired by the posting of Devil’s Dream on the Shared Weight Caller’s List – I really liked the A parts action of that traditional dance but know there would be dancer complaints about the no swings situation were I to call it at an average dance in the USA. I put a wrinkle in the A parts here (vs. Devil’s Dream) to get the dancers across the set and then set up and add the swings. I’ve refactored this further to create I ♥ Devil Dogs.

Starts with the 1s facing down in the center and 2s facing up on the outside.

(6,2) 1s go down center/2s go up outside – 1s turn as couple, 2s turn alone
[I’d probably teach/prompt “centers as couples, outsides turn alone” as it fits both instances]
(6,2) 1s go up center/2s go down outside – Handy Hand Allemande 1/2x same role Neighbor to 2s in center

(6,2) 1s go down outside/2s go up center – 2s turn as couple, 1s turn alone
(6,2) 1s go up outside/2s go down center – Right Hand Allemande 1/4x opposite role Neighbor
[NOTE: Couples promenade in the same direction both times]

Half Hey (G Pass Left to start)
Neighbor Swing

Long Lines Forward & Back [Alternative: Circle Left 1x]
1s Swing in Center, all face progression

End effects: Be mindful of the differences when changing couple numbers at the ends.
Tune suggestions:
See also: I ♥ Devil Dogs, The Devil’s Dream (below)

First called by PERSON at VENUE on DATE [include links as appropriate]

Here’s the original traditional dance:

The Devil’s Dream – DI – Traditional

1s face down and lead down the centre while the 2s face up and go up the outside
all turn alone and lead back to give neighbour nearest hand and half turn neighbour

1s facing down the outside and 2s up the middle: lead up or down again
you promenade in the same direction both times
all turn alone and lead back to give left hands to neighbour

turn neighbour into a full ladies chain across

half promenade neighbour across set
half right and left back

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