¡Que Linda! – DI – Don Veino 20180211

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Improper
Status: Proven, Public

Linda Leslie photo

Linda Leslie

Here’s a contra in honor of Linda Leslie. I wanted to give Linda a dance more likely to be regularly called than my prior dance Linda’s Gifts (which is a waltz-time Contra or English Country Dance (ECD)).

Linda and I were in a correspondence around the Mad Robin to a wave idea I’d first used in my dance Super Robin. She’d written a couple of sequences (which are not published on her site but were called in her final few gigs, with lovely dedications) featuring the idea with different solutions around it. This was to be my choreographic response – using a CCW rotation instead of the Gents first/CW MR in those dances. Unfortunately, she never got to see this dance.

May it bring dancers joy – as did she. Linda spoke fluent Spanish and, I believe, would have appreciated the word play of the title.

Neighbor Balance & Swing

Long Lines Forward & Back
Mad Robin CCW 1+1/4x (Ladies through center 1st, to Wave/4 across)
[N by LH, Ladies RH center]

Balance Wave, Neighbor Allemande Left 1/2x,
Gents Pass Right to cross, Partner Swing

Circle Left 3/4x, Ring Balance & CA Twirl

End effects:
Tune suggestions: Bouncy & driving – we used The Kitchen Girl & Stampin’ and Champin’ (Glen Loper) for NEFFA 2018 with the YFO. Reel Circulaire (by Daniel Boucher) is another good pairing.
Video: Scout House Monday Contras 20180507
See also: My Super Robin and Linda’s dances Creativity and Felicidades.

First called by me in final form at the FSGW Sunday dance at Glen Echo’s Spanish Ballroom with the Dead Sea Squirrels on 4/15/2018 and dedicated to Linda at the New England Folk Festival in a session with the Youth Festival Orchestra on 4/21/18. Earlier drafts were shared with the Portland Intown Contra Dance (PICD) and Scout House Monday Contras communities.

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