A Long Courtship – Becket – Don Veino 20181209

Type: Contra Dance, Becket Left/CW
Status: Proven

This dance came out of a discussion Will Mentor and I had about writing a dance which built up and defied expectations regarding when you’d get together with your partner. It was briefly titled “Finally!” during testing. Have received really positive dancer feedback on this (it’s pretty cool when dancers seek you out at the end of the evening to praise/discuss a particular dance – you know it brought them joy. 🙂 ).

Ladies Chain, Mad Robin CCW (Ladies front first) & look away from these NBRs
(w/Next NBRs) Circle Left 1/4x and continue into…
[see alternate original A1 notation below]

Circle Left 3/4x, Neighbor Swing

Full Hey (Gents Pass Left to start) BUT LADIES BOUNCE BACK SECOND TIME

Partner Gypsy & Swing

End effects: Wait out crossed over on left to slide into A2 circle.
Tune suggestions:
Video: Me calling at the Greenfield, MA Shooting Star Series, 3/8/19
See also:
First called by me at Concord Scout House Monday Contras Series on 1/28/19.

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1 Response to A Long Courtship – Becket – Don Veino 20181209

  1. Don says:

    Update, March 2019: the dance isn’t changed, but the notation above was revised to make the A1 teach easier. A1 was originally noted as:

    Ladies Chain, Mad Robin CCW (Ladies front first) &
    Gents Slide Left *WHILE* Ladies Cross Set, Face Right
    [i.e.: Ladies cross (Left past current NBR Lady, Right by next) & follow your Partner into…]

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