New Perspective – Singlet/Solo – Don Veino

Type: Contra Dance, Singlet or Solo
Progression: None
Status: Proven

Another from my early first set of purpose-built Singlet/virtual dances. Thinking about how certain moves might fit into the new model for distant dancing, I was playing around with some popular transitions – this one explored circle to wave. It also sets up for contra corners via an unexpected trick (dancers would expect Balance & Swing out of A2, but… surprise!).

Note this one works without any reference to hall orientation – it’s essentially a non-mixing scatter mixer. And it definitely isn’t a Doublet – there’s no interaction with another couple at all. Arguably, this is a Solo dance as well – there’s no real need to reference “Partner” here – replace that with any (or no) term for another dancer (e.g.: Neighbor) and it works.

PNR Allemande Left 1+1/2x;
Circle (2H Turn) Left & Flatten to Wave/2 (RH to PNR)

Wave Balance Right & Left, Twirl/Slide Right;
Wave Balance Left & Right, Twirl/Slide Left

RH to PNR, Contra Corners (LH w/Ghosts)

PNR Balance & Swing (end facing PNR)

End effects: N/A
Tune suggestions: Versatile – dial in your feel by this selection
See also: My overall set of virtual dances and this post of general guidelines in interpreting my “virtual” choreography.
First called by (I don’t know, it’s been called a lot).

Previously known as: New Order. This dance was originally named after a band whose music I liked in the 80’s. Another dance composed in the same session used an earlier iteration of that band’s name which turned out to have an horrific backstory (unknown to me), so it was immediately renamed when I was made aware. While the title New Order wasn’t offensive and made allusion to our current distanced dancing situation, I had no desire to perpetuate the connection in naming from the other dance. Hence this one was renamed as well. Please only use the title “New Perspective” going forward.

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