Masked Compassion – Singlet/Solo – Don Veino

Type: Contra Dance, Singlet or Solo
Progression: None
Status: Proven

Another from my early first set of purpose-built Singlet/virtual dances, continuing the exploration about how certain moves might fit into the new model for distant dancing. This considered how a Hey would best work with limited dancers and otherwise fit with the overall composition. In experiencing some early attempts by others to convert existing dances I noted that a typical contra Hey entry starting by passing a non-Partner ghost yielded a lot of confusion and milling around. My solution was to start the Hey passing Partner in the center, which is effectively impossible in conventional contras but works in a virtual context.

This was written without any particular consideration of room configuration. As I gained more experience with distanced compositions I became more aware of the typical spaces people were dancing in and how a composition might relate to those spaces plus the camera on their devices. This dance turns out to want a “square” space – the A1 uses a lot of real estate “up & down” and the A2 by contrast is wide “across”. This experience informed my guidelines linked below. With my added experience now I’d likely work at it a bit more to make the composition expansive in only one direction to better fit most dancer’s spaces – but it dances really well as is and has proven popular.

Note this one definitely isn’t a Doublet – there’s no interaction with another couple at all (though it could easily be danced in parallel with another couple if they lined up in the same orientation). This is a Solo dance as well – there’s no real need to reference “Partner” here – replace that with any (or no) term for another dancer (e.g.: Neighbor) and it still works.

I suggest starting from a position facing the camera.

Lines/2 Forward & Back (a la Up a Double in ECD) & Turn 180 deg
[to face opposite direction on way back – suggest turning toward “PNR” and continuing that mirror turn to face 180 deg]
Lines/2 Forward & Back, face PNR on way back

Full “Hey”: pass PNR Right, Loop Left, pass PNR Right, Loop Left
[to a Wave/2 (PNR RH)]

Wave Balance Right & Left, Twirl Right;
Wave Balance Left & Right, Twirl Left

PNR Balance & Swing

End effects: N/A
Tune suggestions: Bouncy, with fun uplift accents?
See also: My overall set of virtual dances and this post of general guidelines in interpreting my “virtual” choreography.
First called by (I don’t know, it’s been called a lot).

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