Sanitizer Shuffle – Singlet/Doublet/Solo – Don Veino

Type: Contra Dance, Singlet, Doublet or Solo
Progression: None
Status: Proven

Another exploration about how simple partner-role-agnostic “new model” contra compositions might fit into the virtual dancing phenomenon (see Can You Spare A Roll? for more info on my “new model” idea). Note there’s no need to specify which Partner does what in this dance – the choreography doesn’t care where you end the Swing and who starts the Figure 8.

The dance is somewhat “square” in default space usage but I suggest it start by folks facing across so the Sashay happens up & down along the “sides” of the set. Dancers can adjust the amount of the A2 Allemande to make the Dosido & Loops happen up & down if tight on width. They can then face down or up out of the Swing so the Figure 8 finishes facing across.

Naturally a Singlet, this one also works as a Solo dance – just remove any reference to a Partner. It can be done as a Doublet from a “Becket” hands-4, so long as the couples agree to finish the Swing facing away from the other couple up & down – then they will avoid each other during the Figure 8 and come back in alignment on the sides for parallel Sashays.

Single Sashay Left and Right (back to neutral position opposite PNR but keep going…);
Sashay Right and Left back to PNR

PNR Allemande Right 1+1/2x;
Pass PNR & Big Loop/Turn Single Over Left Shoulder (a.k.a. PNR RH Chain)

PNR Dosido (or Balance), Swing

Full Figure 8 [end facing PNR “across”]

End effects: N/A
Tune suggestions: Jigs, bouncy French Canadian tunes
See also: My overall set of virtual dances and this post of general guidelines in interpreting my “virtual” choreography.
First called by (I don’t know, but it’s been called a fair bit).

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