Traditional Wines – Singlet/Solo – Don Veino 20210104

Type: Singlet or Solo
Progression: None
Status: Proven

A parts riff off the zipper move from Beneficial Tradition with a special twist. Was briefly known as “Pin to Win”.

This sequence was in response to a challenge to create more interesting choreography for online dancing, possibly introducing new moves or patterns from other dance forms. The grapevine move was considered promising…

PNR RH Balance, Pull By RT (& keep hold to face back in) – “Woo!”;
CW Facing Orbit 1/2x with Grapevine Step (starting RT foot crosses in front)
[ALT for Grapevine = side together sliding or walking same orbit path while looking at PNR]

PNR LH Balance, Pull By LT (& keep hold) – “Woo!”;
CCW Facing Orbit 1/2x with Grapevine Step (starting LT foot crosses in front)

PNR Right Shoulder ‘Round; Swing/2H Turn (end facing up)

Mirror “Dogbone”: PNR Lead Up & Cast Down;
Lead Down & Cast Out/Up to end facing across to PNR
[ALT B2: Fwd & Back to cam; 1/2x Figure 8 to swap sides OR substitute Figure 8 down for second Lead & Cast above]

End effects: N/A
Tune suggestions: Groovy jigs worked well, helpful to have 4-beat accents in A parts.
Video: Demo for the A1 section of the dance (you’re welcome to use it for your calling appearances but note credit requirement shown on that video’s description)
See also: there are other grapevine sequences, but not posted yet
First called by me at the Toronto Canada All Hands In virtual dance on 27 February 2021.

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