Complementary Corners – Singlet – Don Veino 20210201

Type: Singlet
Progression: None
Status: Proven

Starts facing your PNR. Doesn’t care about particular roles or set orientation – fit as you have the room. If followed exactly, the two Contra Corners sequences will happen roughly at right angles to each other (but only choreography geeks should care about this – no need to bother the dancers with this tidbit 😉 ).

Reverse Contra Corners: LH to PNR Allemande LEFT ~1/2x, 1st Corner RH Allemande 1x;
PNR Allemande LEFT ~3/4x, 2nd Corner RH Allemande 1x to face PNR
[NOTE: Both action and Corner positions are reversed here – 1st Corner is to LEFT of PNR]

Forward & Back to PNR (ALT: PNR Seesaw); PNR Dosido

(Conventional) Contra Corners – RH to PNR, LH with Corners

PNR Balance & Swing

End effects: N/A
Tune suggestions: Driving reels or energetic marches.
Video: N/A
First called by me at the Toronto Canada All Hands In virtual dance on 27 February 2021.

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