Wedding Cakes!

This past week has included two cake tastings in preparation for our wedding, which is coming up soon!

Wednesday brought us to “The Icing on the Cake” (TIOTC) in Newton. They were really friendly and helpful in figuring out what we wanted for our cake. Paula and Chelsea (a new customer service trainee) went over our options and worked with us on design and pricing. And we got to sample a few small pieces of the cakes they had available. SB has a preference for almond cream frosting, influenced by several cakes she’s had from a chef up in the Peterborough, NH area. Well, TIOTC has an Amaretto cake flavor that was a great approximation of that memory. Very nice.

Saturday morning brought us to KonditorMeister in Braintree. A very different experience from TIOTC, we were one of many couples (and their guests) in the shop for tastings. This is much more of a large scale, polished operation. While we did a little browsing of their cake portfolio book, our consultant Lynn went off and came back with a platter of large cake samples. The owner and “Konditor Meister” himself came by and greeted us warmly, congratulated us on our wedding, etc. Very nice. We were also presented with a couple of fancy choloate-dipped strawberries in “Bride and Groom” trim:
Bride and Groom strawberries
Again, we were able to work up a cake concept that we liked and got the pricing determined. Once that was done, they presented us with a box full of pastries (and we were able to box up our cake sample leftovers too).

Both of us at K-M tasting room

Mmmmmm, cake!

At the end, I just happened to mention that they didn’t seem to have an almond flavor on their list, and Lynn went to check with the owner — and came back with several take-away samples of other pastries they do in almond flavors!

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  1. Beth Brown says:

    SB – love the food pictures 🙂

  2. Joy Geaslen says:

    Wow! Looks so yummy! 🙂

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