Gardner Contra Dance 11/24/2012

A fun dance! The crowd was filled with a large proportion of first time dancers, so I significantly revised my planned program below. As I did that on the fly and spent a lot of time down on the floor with the dancers, I didn’t end up capturing my “as called” program which I believe totaled 7 dances. Regardless, this was a fun test of my calling and band communication skills and an informative experience. And the snacks and people were great! Thanks for the opportunity and a great time, Gardner dancers!

Planned Program:

  • Broken Transcription – Don Veino
  • Get Me Going – Lisa Greenleaf
  • Another Flirty Attempt – Marian Hepburn
  • Further and More – Lisa Greenleaf
  • Amy’s Harmonium – Cary Ravitz
  • Night Sail – Rick Mohr
  • Sweet Music – Amy Kahn
  • Winter in Summerland – Jeff Spero
  • Nail That Catfish To The Tree – Walter Davies [+Bob Dalsemer]
  • Small Potatoes – Jim Kitch
  • All You Can Eat – Ted Crane
  • You’re Among Friends – Bob Isaacs
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