Concord Monday Contras 11/26/2012

A great night at my home dance in Concord! I got to work with musicians I like this evening, including: David Kaynor (fiddle), Debby Knight (piano), Jack O’Connor (mandolin, banjo, percussion) & Cal Howard (bass).

My called program:

  • Broken Transcription – Don Veino
  • Get Me Going – Lisa Greenleaf
  • Another Flirty Attempt – Marian Hepburn
  • Further and More – Lisa Greenleaf
  • Amy’s Harmonium – Cary Ravitz
  • The Raeden Reel – Bob Isaacs
  • All You Can Eat – Ted Crane
  • Sweet Music – Amy Kahn
  • Small Potatoes – Jim Kitch
  • Nail That Catfish To The Tree – Walter Davies [+Bob Dalsemer]
  • Winter in Summerland – Jeff Spero
  • You’re Among Friends – Bob Isaacs
  • Night Sail – Rick Mohr

There were no significant bobbles or issues with my calling this evening and I got great feedback including some suggestions for more improvement (and many straight compliments, always appreciated!). Got one request to call (prompt) less, but that individual was dancing in a line that wasn’t experiencing the challenges showing in another line which drove me to keep calling. Was able to record most of the evening to review for my own education, may post some excerpts to YouTube later. Looking forward to my next gig!

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