Don’s Dance Compositions

As of 15 February 2017 I’ve started a serious effort of posting my dances as separate blog posts on this site. To enable searching, those posts are suitably tagged and entered under the applicable categories, below.

In general, my dances are all “green field” compositions – unless stated otherwise, I start from scratch in my head – not from another person’s dance. As such, if I’ve re-created someone else’s dance it was totally unintentional and I would appreciate hearing of the original so I may give credit where due.

Should you have success calling one of my dances (or run into some issue), please feel free to leave a comment on that dance’s post. I’ll do my best to respond to comments quickly and make changes as/if warranted.

As a courtesy, I do ask that you mention the dance title and my name if you use one of my dances. My last name is pronounced “VEE-NO” – same as the Italian word for wine (despite it not being an Italian name).

Thanks and enjoy!