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Hack: Recycled Scrubbies!

We love to save money and the environment. Aways great when you can get a two-fer, and here’s one!

Do you need non-scratching scrubbing pads for cleaning around the house? Did you know that the woven plastic netting from vegetable packaging like this onion bag works wonderfully? No need to buy scrubbies when you can make them yourself from something you aready have!

Just cut the woven material away from the product labeling and you’re set to go (it used to be easier when the bags used to have simply ties – before they started bonding plastic labeling to the netting – but I haven’t found any brand that doesn’t do it now). Avoid the other non-woven plastic “netting” bags that are sometimes used (where they simply slit a flat sheet of plastic and stretch it into an open net form) as these have sharper edges and may scratch.

Be sure to test it someplace inconspicuous to be sure it doesn’t scratch the surface in your application. I find these work great for cleaning out grubby pots and the kitchen sink. If they get messy just toss ’em in the recycling bag after rinsing them out and grab a new piece – they don’t “cost” anything, after all! 🙂
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What Ho, Bertie?

SB has been talking about trying English Country Dance ever since she had her “amazing Money Musk moment” (paper craneshumans) at a contra dance at Pinweoods camp a while back.  So we went to check it out this evening, as we were free and our friend Sue Rosen was leading the dance program at the West Newton dance.  (And after cramming in a quick run to the Blue Ribbon across the street to grab dinner).

There is a lot of shared info/skills between ECD and contra dancing (contra is partly sourced from ECD), so we were able to fit in pretty quickly after learning the few unique moves.  Turns out we knew a fair number of folks attending from other venues as well.

I still prefer contra (there is an energy and exuberant friendliness that I particularly enjoy) but I can definitely see the draw for those that love English.  I expect this will become yet another part of our ongoing dance adventures now.

Here’s SB doing her typically graceful bit in a dance (the start button in the middle of the video is pointing right at her):