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Hack: Recycled Scrubbies!

We love to save money and the environment. Aways great when you can get a two-fer, and here’s one!

Do you need non-scratching scrubbing pads for cleaning around the house? Did you know that the woven plastic netting from vegetable packaging like this onion bag works wonderfully? No need to buy scrubbies when you can make them yourself from something you aready have!

Just cut the woven material away from the product labeling and you’re set to go (it used to be easier when the bags used to have simply ties – before they started bonding plastic labeling to the netting – but I haven’t found any brand that doesn’t do it now). Avoid the other non-woven plastic “netting” bags that are sometimes used (where they simply slit a flat sheet of plastic and stretch it into an open net form) as these have sharper edges and may scratch.

Be sure to test it someplace inconspicuous to be sure it doesn’t scratch the surface in your application. I find these work great for cleaning out grubby pots and the kitchen sink. If they get messy just toss ’em in the recycling bag after rinsing them out and grab a new piece – they don’t “cost” anything, after all! 🙂
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Great Customer Service Sells!

I’m a firm believer in being an assertive customer when a product does not live up to your expectations. Great companies know how to handle that and turn your relationship with them to an asset.

Just concluded one such experience with Richard Green at TofuXPress. My wife had purchased one of their devices for me after seeing the Rube Goldberg method I had previously used for pressing the moisture out of tofu in preparation for frying. They make a device that does this neatly, without the stacks of plates and various heavy items from the kitchen that I’d used before. My only problem was that a tab on it broke, very quickly after I’d received it. I put the broken piece aside with the intention of following up, but of course life intervened and I didn’t get around to finding the box to get the contact information until after the warranty was up.

So I tried contacting them, told my story, and offered design change suggestions to address what I’d seen. Richard, their Operations Manager, responded nicely and a conversation continued from there. Long story short, they made an out-of-warranty exception and sent me not only that part, but also two others that mated with it. The new part had a design change just like what I had suggested. Now I have nothing but appreciation for them and we have drier tofu again without the gymnastics!

I highly recommend tofuXpress.com.

Savannah Honeymoon!

We needed to have our formal honeymoon last just a few days, as we both had commitments to return to. We wanted somewhere warm and within our own time zone, ideally. We’d both been to Florida several times, meaning that was out. So that left islands somewhere in the Carribbean or someplace else along the east coast. We had family who had been to Savannah and enjoyed it, so that seemed a natural choice.

Simply put, we had a wonderful time!

Priceline offered a package deal with the flights, hotel and rental car bundled together. We chose to stay at the AVIA hotel, just a couple of blocks from the riverfront in the historic district. Again, following my new practice of mentioning or asking, I made it clear to the front desk staff that we were on our honeymoon – and the extra care given was really nice. We ended up in a quiet room overlooking the city that felt like it was above our price grade. We got the turn down service and chocolates on the pillow, plus free bottles of water. Little touches, but it was all nice.

We drove down to Tybee Island and over to Hilton Head in South Carolina. We saw Fort Pulaski and Bonaventure Cemetary. And we played what amounted to a real-life game of PacMan, wandering random patterns and gobbling up the squares of Savannah in a day-long walk one day. Savannah is very walkable. We also crossed the Savannah river several times, both on and above the water in a drive to SC. In Hilton Head we played an 18 of mini-golf, where Sage made a hole-in-one! Three days was just about the right amount of time to have a great time.

Anticipating the input of my other half, I’ll share with you our dining experiences. Our first night we ate at Vic’s on the River and had some delicious upscale regional fare. Although we were full by the time dessert was offered, Sage noted that they offered a sweet potato crĂ©me brulĂ©e… we’d come back for that later. Two times in our stay we ate “breakfast” (the timing of which merits the quotation marks) at Goosefeathers Express CafĂ© and Bakery – very good and very friendly table staff. In Hilton Head we ate at Aunt Chiladas and got our cheap Tex-Mex fill. Our last night we got local seafood at The Fiddling Crab and then scooted over to Vic’s for that dessert we’d missed…

Great fun.