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Bang a U-Ey! [V2] – DI – Don Veino 20140321

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Improper
Status: Proven but revised 20170528

I wanted to create an improper dance which provided the opportunity for cross-set play so often available in proper contras. Originally the A1 action was for the ones and then twos (allemande and turn single), the May 2017 version 2 changed that to Gents and then Ladies (allemande and walk around N). Dancers still have an opportunity for same role cross-set allemandes, while the opposite role is doing their primary allemande in the A1 – but this requires timely execution!

When I was growing up in Eastern Massachusetts, if you were giving directions and wanted someone driving to make a U-Turn, you’d say “bang a U-Ey” – the title here refers to the several instances of U-Turn action in this dance.

Gents Allemande Right 1x and walk around the new Neighbor by the Left Shoulder to face in
Ladies Allemande Left 1x and walk around their Neighbor by the Right Shoulder to face in
[all end back in their original spots]

Star Right 3/4x (until with P on Ladies’ home side)
Gents Turn Back (over right shoulder), Partner Swing

Gents Cross to Neighbor (passing Lefts), Swing

Right Hand to Partner (across set)
Interrupted Square Through 2, 2x (Balance, Partner Pull by RH across, Neighbor LH along set, repeat)
[Gents look to next and…]

End effects: Wait out crossed over
Tune suggestions: N/A
Video: N/A
See also: Hey, Bang a U-Ey! (not yet posted)

First called by me in 2014, revised 5/28/2017 – revision not yet called.

Tale of the Tricky Triple Timer – DI – Don Veino 20170218

Type: Contra, Duple Improper

I’m still playing with this one a bit.

This dance features two “deconstructed” chains – one for each role. Regular chains with Courtesy Turn would be functionally equivalent and may be used instead, but I wanted to provide an opportunity for eye play and also to avoid the need to free hands out of the Courtesy Turn for the subsequent Balance. For related themes, see also my Dirty Rotten Double Crosser and Double Crossed Again! dances.

Neighbor RH Balance, Square Through 2 (pull by N right, P left)
Neighbor Swing (on away side)

Ladies Pull by Right, Walk Around* Left/CCW Partner to all face in
[this is effectively a Ladies Chain with an eye contact Courtesy Turn – encourage Partner eye connection through the Walk Around]
Neighbor across RH Balance, Square Through 2 (N right, P left)

Shadow Balance and Box the Gnat/Pull by back to P [or Shadow’s choice, e.g.: Allemande Right, Walk Around*, etc.]
Partner Swing (on Gent’s home side)

Gents Pull by Left, Walk Around* Right/CW Neighbor to all face in
[this is effectively a Gent’s (LH) Chain with an eye contact Courtesy Turn – encourage Neighbor eye connection through the Walk Around]
Partner across RH Balance, Square Through 2 (P right, N left) to next N up/down

*Walk Around is also known as Gypsy.

Charlie’s Free Flowing Elixir – DI – Don Veino 20160827

Type: Contra, Duple Improper
Status: Public, Proven

Updated 8/18/2017 (see below and comment).

Charlie Harvey wrote a nice dance, New Elixir, which I liked in concept and used several times but it had some flow issues which I’d had dancer comments on. I wanted to keep calling the dance but needed to address the problems, which included a need for Gents to cross their arms at one point while entering an Interrupted Square Through after a Swing. In looking at the issues I realized I could simply swap his B1 and B2 parts to retain the feel yet fix the flow, which resulted in this dance. It has since been rotated (as of 18 August 2017) to begin with the Interrupted Square Through vs. the Neighbor Balance and Swing (based on a report from Linda Leslie’s calling in Greenfield MA).

Note there’s also an alternate Becket Right/CCW version, starting at the B2.

RH to N, Interrupted Square Thru 2 @ 2x (all within the current group of 4*) and with this N…

Neighbor Balance and Swing

Gents Allemande Left 1+1/2x, Partner Swing

Ring/4 Balance and Petronella, Ring/4 Balance and Partner California Twirl

(*RH to N up/down, Balance, Pull By N RH along, across Pull by P LH across, RH to N on side, repeat)

First called by me at the Cambridge, MA BIDA Contra Dance on 9/2/2016 with the Neighbor Balance and Swing as A1. The revised version has been called successfully now as well by myself and others.