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Wedding Invitations

Sage and I had quite a challenge to find a wedding invitation that worked for us. One of the challenges we had was in finding something that we not only liked the appearance of but that we also felt comfortable about from an ecological impact standpoint.

What we settled on was the “Seal-n-Send” one piece invitation and reply card set (model VCMD7556), mated with a custom post-it note to provide the details for our guests to sign in to our wedding website. After login, our guests could see all sorts of info on us, our wedding and leave their invitation reply via a form on the website. If a guest so chose, of course they could use the attached reply card for their response (or even respond by phone to a line hosted via Google Voice).

The total solution minimized the ecological impact from paper and fuel consumption and provided the capability to manage the responses in a very efficient way. We hope our guests appreciated the solution as much as we do!

Invitation image
Our Invitation, Redacted for Privacy