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Boston Cream Pie – 4 Face 4 – Don Veino 20161005

Type: 4 Facing 4
Status: Public, Proven

Lynn Ackerson’s Coconut Cream Pie is a fave as it’s interesting yet bulletproof with mixed crowds (and itself is built upon Apple Pie Quadrille by Ron Beeson). I use it so much, I wrote this dance leveraged from it to have some variation. My unique take is in the B2 here – Lynn’s is Circle/8 Left 1/2x, Balance & California Twirl.

First called at the Thursday Contras dance at the Concord Scout House on 12/1/2016.

Center 4 Star Right 1x

Partner Allemande Left 1+1/2x
(new) Center 4 Start Right 1x

Partner Balance & Swing

Current Ring/8 Balance, California Twirl (to facing prior Neighbors)
LH Gent Tow Your Line (in an arc, over left shoulder) to face new Line/4