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Formal Wear

Weddings create opportunities to learn about all sorts of things. For instance, what is and is not appropriate dress for particular times of day in a wedding. But with that comes the realization and power of knowing that we as individuals can do what we choose, regardless of the “proper” customs, and that bending the rules of dress for weddings these days is pretty common.

For our wedding we have chosen to put our (small, all male – but for the bride!) wedding party and the father of the bride in tuxedos. The groom will be wearing a tailcoat (which I just happen to already own). And of course the bride will be in her special gown and the mothers of bride and groom have chosen their own fancy dresses.

With our color scheme being ivory, sage green and purple, we decided to mix some color in. Here’s a screenshot from the rental company’s web site, showing the wedding party tuxes. We ultimately chose to put everyone in the tabbed “tux shirt” collars rather than what’s in the image, and I think we’ve created a great look that will go well together.