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Suggestions Toward a Personal Caller Feedback System

I have a process I use to gather feedback on my calling in pursuit of continuous improvement. My “day job” background is in business process & product engineering, program management and quality systems – so bringing a closed loop monitoring … Continue reading

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Using DeposZip Under Linux (Mint 11/Ubuntu 11.04)

Our new credit union provides the capability to do on-line check deposits using an application called DeposZip. Of course, their web site only mentions support/instructions for Windows and MacOS, not Linux. Well, the application is actually server-hosted and uses a … Continue reading

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A Frugal Shopper’s Bonus: Ebates

One of the earliest sites I joined on the internet was this one, way back in 2002 – wow, 2002! Seems like things have changed so much, so quickly! OK, back to the real point of this post. I’m frugal, … Continue reading

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Great Customer Service Sells!

I’m a firm believer in being an assertive customer when a product does not live up to your expectations. Great companies know how to handle that and turn your relationship with them to an asset. Just concluded one such experience … Continue reading

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CSV File Import to Quicken 2007

Tonight I was spending some time catching up on many (more than I care to mention) months’ worth of finances. A couple of accounts had significant transactions which needed entry into Quicken. Due to Intuit having disabled direct connection with … Continue reading

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