Madly in Love (with Mermaids) [V2] – DI – Don Veino 20160430

Type: Contra, Duple Improper
Status: Public, Proven

Dedicated to all those who’ve found their joy through our Concord Scout House Monday dance (we’ve hosted several weddings!). Another dance in my “Mermaid” series – which all feature a Diagonal Pass The Ocean progression (hence the parenthetical subtitle term above).

At hands four, have lines spread down to make space for the A2 cross set action. Can rotate to Becket formation, starting with the B2.

FYI, one must carefully address the A2 Mad Robin in the teaching/calling – too many dancers (and at least one caller) I’ve run into have a firm association with a MR happening in the facing across orientation and “fixing” the dance that way, blowing things up. I’ve been accentuating “FACING your Partner UP and DOWN” and have tried using Sliding Doors instead of MR language (“GENTS through the CENTER, Sliding Doors”) with success.

Second version added the A2 ring balance – dancers seemed to want to rush through the circle and MR, making B1 start early and awkwardly without it. First called at the Monday Contras series at the Concord Scout House on 5/30/2016. I’ve heard of at least one instance of it being called at a festival session so far.

(16) Neighbor Gypsy & Swing
[I prefer B&S with a timely crowd]

(4,6) Ring Balance, Circle Left 3/4 (to face Partner UP&DOWN)
(6) Mad Robin Sliding Doors 1x ACROSS set (CW – Gents through center first, left to right facing up & down)

(4,12) Partner Balance & Swing (end facing left diagonal)

(4,4) Left diagonal Pass the Ocean, Wave Balance
[Teaching note: Look at Neighbor in this wave, Gents will cross set to start the dance again with this Lady]
(5,3) Partner Allemande Right 1+1/4~ (to G face in), Gents Cross to Neighbor (passing LEFT) and with THIS Neighbor…
[Passing left helps to diminish the bucksaw offset created by the diagonal wave – the A2 further fixes things up]

END EFFECTS: Wait out on the left diagonal to come in on the Pass the Ocean.

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