Stretch & Fold – Singlet/Solo – Don Veino

Type: Contra Dance, Singlet or Solo
Progression: None
Status: Proven

Another exploration about how certain contra conventions might fit into the new model for distant dancing. This one looked at the use of “convenient Ghosts”. Notice that “Ghosts” are used wherever the composition needs a dancer to set up a return for “Partner” interaction, and the Ghost dancers are totally unrelated to each other – there’s no need to keep track of them and they dis/appear at the physical dancer’s convenience.

Note this one definitely isn’t a Doublet – there’s no way two physical couples could dance this in the same space without bumping into each other. It is a Solo dance, however – there’s no real need to reference “Partner” here – replace that with any (or no) term for another dancer (e.g.: Neighbor) and it still works.

This was written without any particular consideration of room configuration and is somewhat “square” or even “round” in its use of space (the dance doesn’t require dancers to complete any moves aligned to a particular wall, etc.). There’s no need to specify starting orientation to the room, trust the dancers to fit it to their space.

Yes, the title is another reference to the sourdough baking craze of 2020. 🙂

PNR LH Balance, Swat the Flea; PNR RH Balance, Box the Gnat

PNR Dosido 1x (look away and…);
Left Shoulder Around Ghost 1x

RH to PNR, Contra Corners (Ghost Corners)

PNR Right Shoulder Around (or Balance), Swing (or Two-Hand Turn/Circle Right)

End effects: N/A
Tune suggestions: Jigs,bouncy marches
See also: My overall set of virtual dances and this post of general guidelines in interpreting my “virtual” choreography.
First called by (I don’t know, it’s been called a lot).

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