Linphone: a VOIP Softphone for Linux (and others)

In an earlier blog post I mentioned I was using Twinkle as a softphone client for my VOIP service from Galaxyvoice (GV). As I also mentioned in this entry I’ve now switched my netbook over to a Debian Linux. I’d not yet got around to (re-)installing a VOIP client on the renewed EeePC. So when I saw that GV was now recommending something called Linphone, which seemed to be very cross-platform (Win, Lin, Mac, Android, etc.), I decided to check it out.

Turns out Linphone is available in the Debian repository, so it was a trivial task to install via Synaptic. As GV recommended Linphone, they also provided account settings info. – so about 3 minutes later, I was making my first call from the netbook – worked great!

I’ve not yet tried out the video calling, but the camera preview looks smooth and lag-free so I expect it will be great as well.

I recommend you check out Linphone!

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2 Responses to Linphone: a VOIP Softphone for Linux (and others)

  1. Ian Chapman says:

    I have MintDebian and I pulled linphone in via symantec, it shows in Menu/internet and when I click on it there is a disturbance top left on my screen that vanishes before I can focus and that’s all it does. I’m trying Skipe and that’s much much down on the win7 version. No audio and the task bar on top of skipe window is missing. Any other packages that might work in place of skipe. Regards Ian.

    • Don says:

      In this other post I cover my conversion over to Google Voice for our VOIP service. I’ve been using GV as described in that post and through their web interface. I’ve also had good luck using Google Talk/Hangouts on our Linux machines for video calls. I agree that Skype for Linux is a poor stepchild. Fortunately the Android Skype works pretty well – I’ve been using that on my phone when Skype is required.

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