Ruth’s (For) Reel – DI (swapped w/N) – Don Veino 20161113

Type: Contra, Duple Improper but with 1s below the 2s
Status: Public, Proven

Written for Ruth Potwin’s 60th birthday celebration. Have dancers briefly swing their Neighbor to swap places from duple improper hands-4 position before walk-through, so 1s below 2s.

Dancers may tend to want to rush through the As, encourage them to take the full 8 beats where provided – have sets space out nicely to make room for graceful, sweeping Mad Robins.

First called to a nice reception at the Thursday Contras dance at the Concord Scout House on 12/1/2016. There’s a somewhat role reversed take on this dance – Gary’s Reel Too. Sadly, I don’t think Gary or Ruth have danced either dance yet – if you see them at a dance, give it a go!

Mad Robin, Ladies through center first/CCW (so looking at P across)

Ladies Chain
Mad Robin, Ladies through center first/CCW (so looking at N across)
(look away from P to Shadow)

Gypsy Shadow
Partner Swing

Circle Left 3/4, Pass Through Up/Down
Swing (new) Neighbor

End effects: never really out, shadow needs you for the Gypsy before crossing over.

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