Poussette in Boots – Becket – Don Veino 20170715

Type: Contra Dance, Becket Left/CWPuss in Boots image
Status: Proven

This dance came out of playing with Poussettes towards my dance Poussettey Spaghetti, intended to be simpler than that dance. At the time of it’s composition, our daughter Raeden was obsessed with getting a cat as a pet and talked about it constantly – for that reason the play on words re: “Puss in Boots” for the title was forward in my mind.

Left diagonal Circle Left 3/4x (G face back at P to take 2 hands)
Half Poussette CW, separate from Partner
Gents Allemande Left 1x (to face N)

Full Hey, pass Neighbor Right to start

Neighbor Gypsy & Swing

Give & Take to Gents, P Swing

End effects:
Tune suggestions: Romantic yet with definite cadence
Video: coming soon
See also: Poussettey Spaghetti

First called by me at the Concord Scout House Monday Contras series 7/24/2017.

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