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The Whole Slice – Becket – Don Veino 20170401

Type: Contra, Becket CW/Left Status: Proven I was reviewing candidate dances for the 2017 New England Folk Festival, and this dance literally wrote itself. It came to me in a straight stream of consciousness, in a little under a minute. … Continue reading

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Double Crossed Again! [V2] – DI – Don Veino 20140721

Type: Contra, Duple Improper Status: Public, Proven My first double Cross-Trails dance. Revised 6/15/15 per trial feedback from Lisa Greenleaf, to better meet dancer expectations (add balances pre-cross trails), ease timing and to allow for dropping calls sooner. Revised dance … Continue reading

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Hey, Mary Cay! – Becket DP – Don Veino 20160723

Type: Contra, Becket Double Progression Status: DRAFT In the past I’d played with the idea of a butterfly whirl to a Ladies allemande in the center leading into a diagonal hey, but didn’t write a complete dance with that (and … Continue reading

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