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The Whole Slice – Becket – Don Veino 20170401

Type: Contra, Becket CW/Left
Status: Proven

I was reviewing candidate dances for the 2017 New England Folk Festival, and this dance literally wrote itself. It came to me in a straight stream of consciousness, in a little under a minute. Despite the date, that’s not an April Fool’s joke – don’t you wish they all came that easily? 🙂

This is one of a series of dances I’ve written featuring a Hole in the Wall* move taken from English Country Dance. Like Mad Robin, this is not a literal lift of the move here but rather a modification for contra dance use. For other compositions with a similar move, see my The Love Pirate & Ladies, Whirled, Linda’s Gifts, Give the Gents a Whirl and Another Gent-le Whirl dances.

Emphasize with the dancers that the Hole in the Wall bit takes a full 8 beats or it’s likely they’ll rush it (by design, the circle and swing can absorb that). One way to do this would be to tell them it’s effectively a hands-free Long Lines Forward & Back – except you swap facing direction with your Neighbor halfway through. Having a partner target for the left diagonal chain helps anchor dancers.

(4,4) Slice Forward on left diagonal, Fall Straight Back
(8!) Hole in the Wall* (with N straight across – “Go Forward, Neighbor Swap, Fall Back”), look away from Partner

(6) Circle Left 3/4 (w/same N & your shadow)
(10) Neighbor Swing

(8) Left Diagonal Ladies Chain (to P)
(8) Half Hey Ladies Pass Right (straight across)

(4,12) Partner Balance & Swing

End effects: When ejected for the circle, swing your neighbor on the left diagonal and be ready for the Ladies Chain. Wait out with your Partner on left diagonal to enter via the slice.

*Hole in the Wall: Borrowed from an English Country Dance move, you walk forward 3 steps to face N across, Gypsy Right 1/2x to swap places with the Neighbor and back out 3 steps. It’s very similar to a hands-free Long Lines Forward & Back (with the same cadence) – except you change places/facing direction with your Neighbor in the middle. For contra dancers, I call this with something like “Forward, Neighbor Swap, Fall Back” – I avoid using Hole in the Wall to limit the terms in play.

First called by me at the Monday Contras series at the Concord, MA Scout House on 6/5/17.

Double Crossed Again! [V2] – DI – Don Veino 20140721

Type: Contra, Duple Improper
Status: Public, Proven

My first double Cross-Trails dance. Revised 6/15/15 per trial feedback from Lisa Greenleaf, to better meet dancer expectations (add balances pre-cross trails), ease timing and to allow for dropping calls sooner. Revised dance has been called several times to success. See also my Dirty Rotten Double-Crosser dance – which debuted first but was actually my second composition on this theme.

(4,4) Right Hand BALANCE, CROSS-TRAIL (Pass current N (N1) Right up/down the set, Pass P Left across)
(8) N1 SWING (on away side)

(4) Right Hand to N2 (across set), BALANCE N2
(4) CROSS TRAIL (pass N2 by right across, pass Shadow by left up/down to face P)

(8,8) PARTNER GYPSY, SWING (on G’s home side, opposite N2)

(8) STAR RIGHT 3/4 and face progression to take Right Hand with THIS neighbor…

Hey, Mary Cay! – Becket DP – Don Veino 20160723

Type: Contra, Becket Double Progression
Status: DRAFT

In the past I’d played with the idea of a butterfly whirl to a Ladies allemande in the center leading into a diagonal hey, but didn’t write a complete dance with that (and worry about the inertia involved = injuries). The seed of that motion idea germinated into this dance. Made out of whole cloth, it was only after the fact I realized it shared a similarity in the A1 to a reverse role Mary Cay’s Reel. Partner Hey start was chosen to try to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

Gents Allemande Left 3/4 (to transitory wave in center)
New Gents Allemande Right 1x (to face P on left diagonal)
[encourage Gents to use the last bit of arm connection to boost each other towards P]

Left Diagonal Half Hey (pass P Left to start)
Straight Across Ladies Allemande Right 1+1/2 (to N)

N Balance & Swing

Give & Take to Ladies’ side, P Swing

End Effects: (to be verified) Never really out. Wait out on left diagonal, Gent will enter first via the A1 Allemande Right, Lady via the A2 Half Hey.