Trip Through Athol – Becket – Don Veino 20170609

Type: Contra Dance, Becket CW/Left Formation
Status: Proven

US Route 2 is a significant road connecting contra dances in the eastern and western parts of Massachusetts (in particular at the Concord Scout House and Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield). To go from one to the other on Route 2 you pass through the town of Athol. Enunciate this dance title carefully! 🙂

Writtten in response to a calling colleague’s declaration that a Star 3/4 was “Evil, Don. Super evil.” See below links for other “not evil” Star 3/4 compositions.

Circle Left 3/4x
Neighbor Swing

(4,4) Ring Balance, Petronella Slide/Twirl 1pl Right (no clap)
(6) Star Left 3/4x
(2) Next Neighbor Allemande Right 1/2x (to long waves, G face in)

(4,4) Wave Balance (fwd/back), Gents Cross, Ladies Loop (ends RH w/P, on away side)
(4,4) Wave Balance, Ladies Cross, Gents Loop (RH w/N, L @home)

(4,4) Wave Balance, Gents Cross, Ladies Loop
(8) Partner Swing

End effects: Ends wait out crosssed over, enter via the A2 Allemande 1/2.
Tune suggestions: Atholl Highlander (contra 32 bar length version), Bouncy Jigs
Video: coming soon
See also: Shining Sparkle and Dance No Evil

First called by me at the Concord Scout House Monday Contras series 7/24/2017.

Interesting tidbit: there’s a song from another era which plays on these unique MA signs and towns with person names – some versions mention Athol in the lyrics.

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