Hey, Aren’t You With Me? – Becket – Don Veino 20170416

Type: Contra Dance, Becket Left/CW Formation
Status: DRAFT

Another dance playing with Mad Robin transitions (see similar posts). In a way this is a return to one of my earliest dances (Raeden’s Curls), which used a Mad Robin 1+1/4 – Slide – Gents Pass & P Swing sequence. Here the extended motion Mad Robin sets up parallel full Heys where the partners diverge & travel separately (with a Shadow) to subsequently reconnect.

NOTE: this dance can also be danced without the parallel Heys, if the A2 Mad Robin is 1+1/4x around instead. In this case, the Partners will dance together (without Shadows) for the full Hey but they may come back together a beat or two before the B2 phrase – such that having the Ladies do a Bounce Back to let the Gents pass right to start the Hey may be more appropriate for timing.

Slide Left, Single File Promenade CW 3 places, Ladies Turn Back (or, of course, Circle Left 3/4x on diagonal)
Neighbor Swing

Ladies Chain (to P)
Mad Robin 1+1/2x (looking across at a Neighbor) until Partners slide into separate adjacent columns, all facing center
[Gents slide right on the outside, Ladies slide left and are facing in middle. Shadow is the opposite role person closest to you in this column, MR Neighbor is the furthest.]

Full Hey, Ladies Pass Right to start

[look to adjacent Hey]
Partner Balance & Swing

End effects: To be confirmed – should be somewhat funky but workable. When ejected from the Mad Robin, dancers can either do the Full Hey with a Neighbor and the couple waiting out (which should include at least one shadow), or Hey with ghosts (if nobody’s there), or simply wait for their partner to return from their own Hey. When really out, wait on the left side and enter via the A1 Slide Left.

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