Super Robin – DI – Don Veino 20170523

Type: Contra Dance, Duple Improper
Status: Proven

Dedicated to Robin Humes – family friend and super volunteer in service of the Concord Scout House area contra community. It’s only fitting this dance include a Mad Robin (besides the obvious eponymous link), because Bob Isaacs’ dance Redbeard Reel (commissioned by Robin for her husband – John Wasser) features one as well.

When mentioning the title, I think it’s fun to give it proper super hero intonation: “SUP-er Robin!” 🙂

Neighbor Gypsy (or Balance) & Swing

Mad Robin CW 1+1/4 (Gents start Forward & Right, to Wave Across, G by LH in center)
Short Wave Balance Right & Left, Twirl/Slide Right (Ladies Super Twirl across)

Partner (Balance &) Swing

Circle Left 3/4 to Wave (L by LH in center, facing progression)
Wave Balance Fwd/Back, Dance Fwd to next

End effects: Wait out crossed over
Tune suggestions: Note tune choice will affect A1 and B1 move selection. Dancers seem to enjoy twirling straight into the B1 Partner Swing.
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First called by Linda Leslie at the Guiding Star Grange Extravadance on 5/27/2017.

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1 Response to Super Robin – DI – Don Veino 20170523

  1. Don says:

    In my calling observation, dancers appear to prefer going straight into a B1 swing (vs. balance &) from the A2 “super” Rory twirl across. Further use may determine if that is tune-specific or not.

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