Oh, Yeah! – DI – Don Veino 20170428

Type: Contra, Duple Improper
Status: DRAFT

Alternative Title: When I’m Sixty Four
as in (sung to the refrain of the Beatles tune of the same name):

Am I too dizzy?
Will you still dance me?
When I’m sixty four?

More Mad Robin sequence investigation. In this dance I revisit a theme from my prior “Cricket’s Reboot” dance inspired by Kent Koeninger’s “Cricket’s Delight” – in this case the rest of the dance resolves differently (and – I think – with more elegance).

Some callers would disqualify this dance based on a CW beat count using the simplistic “40 CW beats” filter for potential dizziness. I’ve investigated the “dizziness power” of CW moves and my contention is that certain moves with fixed facing direction have effectively zero dizziness impact (e.g. Mad Robin) and others are perceived in proportion to the radius of the move and the degree to which dancers face along the radius (Swings = most dizzy). This dance is an experimental proof of concept to test my theory – chock full of CW goodness! I welcome you to give this ostensibly dizzy (56 to up to 64 CW beat count) dance a trial and prove to yourself it’s not “Too Dizzy”.

Can also be called as a Becket CW dance, starting at the B2. Several B2 alternatives included below for anticipated live testing.

The title is a nod to the classic Mello Yello song and I encourage you to say it the same way. 🙂

Neighbor Gypsy & Swing [ALT: Dosido & Swing]

Mad Robin 1x (Gents L->R through Center first, facing P across)
Gents Gypsy Left 1x
Ladies Orbit CW 1/2x

Partner Gypsy & Swing

B2 (preferred, but will timing work?)
(6) Circle Left 3/4x
(2) Half Zig Left (forward & left 2 steps, to pass current N Couple by Right Shoulders)
(6) Next Couple Dosido 3/4x (to face this second couple)

B2 Alternative 1 (preserves CW motion theme but I like the feel less; easier end effects?)
(6) Circle Left 3/4x
(8) Current Neighbors Couple Dosido 1x
(2) Pass Through to next

B2 Alternative 2 (good feel if Roll well done; doesn’t fit CW theme as well)
LLF & Ladies Roll Gents L->R on way back
Star Left 3/4x

B2 Alternative 3 (double progression; doesn’t fit CW theme as well)
(6) Circle Left 3/4x
(4,4) Couple Zig-Zag, to left around current Neighbors, to right around 2nd, to face 3rd couple

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