Horseplay – DI – Don Veino 20170714

Type: Contra, Duple Improper
Status: DRAFT

A riff on our daughter Raeden’s Pony Fun, leveraging the A parts of that dance.

I’ve been on the lookout for an opportunity to get Gents in on the Rory O’Moore “super twirl across the set” fun – this one delivers it. The wave balance and Rory twirl here atypically cross the B1→B2 phrase boundary but will work out fine.

(8) Star Left 1x
(8) This Neighbor Allemande Left 1+1/4x (and Lady tuck in behind N Gent to end facing CW around current group/4)

(6,2) Single file Promenade CW 3/4x (to Gent’s home side with P), Ladies turn back over Right Shoulder
(8) Partner Swing

(8) Long Lines Forward & Back
(4,4) Pass The Ocean, Short Wave Balance Right & Left

(4) Slide/Twirl Right (Gents Super Twirl across to N)
(12) Neighbor Swing (and look away to new…)

End effects: None, couples cross over.
Tune suggestions: Bouncy jigs, French Canadian tunes.
See also: Pony Fun, Super Robin

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